The Life Of Ponty Cyclops

By pontycyclops

A Most Welcome Unexpected Guest

Well here is something you really cannot plan. I had a phone call early this morning, from someone quite unexpected, my old mate Nigel.

He just happened to be in the vicinity so he said am I in for a coffee. I haven't seen Nigel in well over a twelve month, and I must confess I do miss our wanderings and natterings as we go around Newport Wetlands. Hopefully it is something we can resurrect soon.

We spent a good couple of hours catching up and talking techno babble. It was fantastic to catch up.

Me and Dawn decided to pop down to The Barn for lunch today as it was such a gorgeous day. It is 5pm as I type this and it is scorchio outside. I think it is going to a bit of a warm one in the bedroom tonight ...

Still ... mustn't grumble!

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