Chronic anthropomorphism - BUT ...

How's THIS for grim determination?
We have a wander along the shore of Ullswater
(NO it's NOT a bloody spelling mistake!!!!!!)
I was, as usual, shooting whatever caught my eye.
Several sets of exposed tree roots qualified.
Then I spotted this gem. Semi-close observation will reveal signs of extreme age to the trunk, and that since it was cut through, not to mention a great deal of "Root pruning".
Despite it all the old Oak has managed to throw out, from at least four points, new growth.
I hope I'm able to watch it for a year or three, to see how it progresses.

Another thing catching my eye was these two Lime trees. It appears that, sometime in the past, an attempt was made to prevent the inevitable tumbling of the right hand tree. One of the things which intrigued me was the amount of growth the  R.H.S. has made around the tie-bar: another was the fact I could find not a single sign of either end of the "Bolt" on either tree.

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