More water

A rubbish day - lots to frustrate me, mostly my ignorance highlighted by my (lack of technical support), how will I manage next year when he goes to University?

Took dog to the vet to get grass seeds out of her ear and - whilst waiting in the waiting room - had to endure listening to her whimpering and whining whilst they did it..awfully upsetting...and then a bill for £39. 

Things finally looked up when I came home to Sam and friend whooping it up in the garden-  this is Josh bouncing a water filled balloon off his head. 

Just what I needed!

With not a thought to the politics and just an emotional response I donated to the crowd-funding Greece Bailout fund - only 59 million to go :-)
And have been walking the lovely Sadie all week, today is the last day, but with such a lot going on she is now only my extra photo.

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