I had to work from home today so BT OpenReach (or BT NoReach as I prefer to call them) could upgrade the phone line from ADSL2+ to VDSL. They were supposed to arrive between 8 am and 1 pm, in the end they arrived at just before 7 pm. It took him about a minute to swap the face plate and switch the new VDSL "modem" on. We've gone from a 20 MBit/s connection to a 40 MBit/s, and upload speeds have leapt from 500 KBit/s to 10 MBit/s. In real world tests we actually get about 37 MBit/s down and around 9 MBit/s up, which isn't too bad.

Today's back blip is a Californian poppy against a background of out of focus daisies in our wildflower lawn. While waiting for BT was a pain at least I was able to work at home in shorts and a T-shirt and didn't overheat as a result. I also got to start earlier in the day and finish earlier, which combined with no commute was most useful.

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