a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Butterfly on a Pincushion

Flower Friday 3:  Scabiosa and Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly

Its a lovely day outside, I've been out taking pictures of small things this morning.  I hope Biker Bear will accept this picture of the Pin Cushion plant as my contribution to Flower Friday.  Unfortunately its been photobombed by a small tortoiseshell butterfly...

The extra is Jimminy Cricket who is definitely looking much more adult now.  

Sadly, the trip to the dentist told me what I thought it might.  The filling in a root filled tooth is failing and radical dentistry is required at some stage.  I wasn't surprised and its not as if it hurts at the moment.  There are various options on offer, but essentially the best solution will be extraction and a dental implant.  It sounds such fun doesn't it.  I had better start saving my pennies.... 

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