In Summer

Look at this superstar.   

Brilliance obviously runs in the family.   This rock god is my Nephew.   

And this rock god was not feart to say "Thank you Aunty Helen" when I responded to the question "How good looking is  JC".   And I yelped "Very". 

Tonight was a sold out gig at a local bar / restaurant in their "upstairs".   It was wee, and hot and the music fairly shook my lungs.  I was delighted though to actually recognise their songs.     I was well proud to tell anyone who would listen, that the best looking one was defo my nephew. 

There were three bands on in total, and to my shame, I only made two of them.   The heat was stiffling - not helped by it being a hot, hot day too. 

But at least I got to see the Nephew in action and be very proud of him. 

The band are "When I was Young"  and this is a link to my favourite track

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