Noddy and friends

This morning the group walk was cancelled, a rare event but rain was torrential and persistent. It was a disappointment as I enjoy my Monday walk and would have happily gone. While in Oswestry I called in at F's house and cadged a cup of coffee and did a couple of errands.

This is a page from "Noddy and his car" which I found amongst Mum's things. Though Enid Blyton's out of favour these days for being non pc, it was a favourite book that I read over and over. It was also nice to see the inscription from relations that died many years ago.

Now it's confession time. I was a very naughty little girl for drawing in places that I shouldn't have such as the extra illustrations on this page and several others (also a sum that I'd worked out wrongly but we won't mention that).

I also remember getting into trouble in class for drawing while I should have been sitting to attention though it didn't stop me concentrating. It didn't go away - I'm still a doodler and love drawing.

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