Bowood 2015 #32: Common Tern (Tuesday 7 July 2015)

I made my first visit to Bowood since the Antiques Roadshow filming today, and there was another function going on in the Event Field, with a band playing, so I walked around the grounds and lake to the sounds of It's All Right Mama, You Never Can Tell, I'm Shakin' and other classics.

The Canada geese were collected on the north banks of the lake but as I raised my camera close by, three small children ran down the path towards them and shooed them honking into the lake. The kids then threw pebbles into the lake close to where the geese were. Their mother, or whoever was in charge of them, took no notice at all as she followed them, talking to a slightly older girl.

As I then walked along the side of the lake I spotted three terns sitting on posts in the water and have chosen this shot, taken at an equivalent to 1400 mm, to blip, as I don't think I have blipped this particular species of bird before.

I am blipping on the actual day again, but I'll have to add any links to albums and alternatives later as I am still working through the pictures taken in Hampshire last Saturday, though I have now updated the notes, added the album for the Ovington part of the trip as well as another Extra, taken at the zoo.

7.7.2015 (2111 hr)

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
The Beatles - Tell Me Why (recorded 27 February 1964)
From the film A Hard Day's Night which premiered in London at the Pavilion Theatre on 6 July 1964, the day before Ringo Starr's 24th birthday - which means he is 75 today! Happy birthday, Ringo.

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