What if?

By wakarusa

Red-bellied woodpecker

In spite of its name, the red underside is often hard to see and it is the cap that is more conspicuous. The shot on the feeder is out of focus, but it was the best I could do this morning. And when he was in the tree he had his back to me all the time, but at least you can see his back well! I will try again another day.
We had a lot of rain last night, 2 inches, but in town some people had 4 inches and I kniow that Kansas City got 4-5 inches. There was a small tornado about 7 miles east of us that downed some big trees but only minor damage. Now the sun is out but it is down to 73 for a day or two. Next Monday the forecast is for 97 which is more in keeping for the time of year.
My extra is just a shot of the garden after the rain.

Thank you for all the stars and comments on the peewee. I was quite pleased with it once I had decided what it was, with Kimb's help.

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