"Shaun Bean"

I think I may have to stop already.

I can't think that any of them out there are going to be as photogenic as this little beauty.

By an artist called Nigel Leach.

I wonder how much he'll go for at auction..... as I would really like this one :)

I've uploaded some extra's today as well.

If I get the order right, then they are:
Willow by Rhiannon Southwell
Life Aquatic by Peskimo
Justice Lamb by Mike Ogden
Beach Boy (also) by Mike Ogden
Excalibaar by Huncan Daskell
King of the Carnival by Lou Boyce
Air Fleece by Jacqueline Anne Harper
and Dolly by Julie Vernon.

But stuff all that... (although I do like the texture on Dolly), because Shaun Bean is just the best.

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