I kept hearing this strange chant on the other side of the fence, while we were out attacking the garden: which was rapidly taking on the aspect of a Wild-Life Sanctuary.
Finally, having decided that:-
A ) Even the Junior school kids could get beyond 8
B ) It was too rhythmic & too frequent.
C ) It was Sunday - so no School.

I peeped over the fence - they were a teeny bit past the Junior category and, apparently fancied themselves as Cheerleaders. It became obvious that they were trying for this so I waited  - they managed.
It was shortly after that we saw the GIANT Dragon fly. Sprog kept accidentally loosing his grip & Mam had it to rescue - thrice.
Once from our garden.
Once from next door
Once from next door to that.
Then they moved a safer distance from the fence.
To give time to catch it.

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