Long Straw

A quick drink through a long straw for this hummer as he hovered over the lavender this morning!!

Sitting in the conservatory doing the accounts, having a coffee, checking the garden from time to time as you do, was the way to go this morning.The phone went and I'm in mid-flow to Hubs when this flew past the window. Frantically dropping it with a ,'Gotta go!!!' squeak, I grabbed the camera. He's used to this!!

This is a Humming-bird Hawk-moth and the wings beat so fast they are hardly visible  making an audible, high-pitched humming sound. It flies by day and is a summer visitor from France. This is only the second time I've seen one here, ever, so am really pleased it dropped in for a catch-up this morning.

Just in time as my mojo for photography is a bit low at the moment as too many other things to do which explains my lack of commenting recently. Am so sorry and hopefully normal life will resume at some stage!

More humming on flickr

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