Oh no, we've bonded. I didn't want that as I know what happens when I bond even although it's with an ugly duckling like this one. She looked at me and didn't move and spoke pityingly with her eyes. " don't take my baby ................. And with a blink of her eye I was hooked. Now it will be, " can you dig up worms for Flora, water for a bath please, some of your nice seeds please and so forth. Mr AF is cleaning the patio with the power sprayer. I bet she won't even move then as she now nearly fully trusts us. I hope she doesn't think that we dropped her egg. One lies broken on the patio floor. I must stone the crows unless I bond with them too then there will be a battle of allegiance !!!!
Life is complicated. She must only have one egg left unless I missed seeing the broken one before. I will be checking .

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