State of Origin ....

The winners!! Queensland also known as the Maroons (pronounced Marones!!!). Get that right, and you'll sound like a real Queenslander ... I've learnt well.

Martin actually came home early to watch this decider game. It's a rugby league tournament between New South Wales (NSW aka the Blues) and Queensland (QLD) played over three games and yesterday's game was the decider. It was a he.. of a game which left the Blues speechless ... Literally. QLD 52 - 6 NSW. It was a little sad to watch the Blues getting whipped, not really ;-). Many many records were broken in yesterday's game by QLD that's why I'm carrying on about it, sorry, we're just a little excited in our family.

There's a typhoon round the corner and it has caused some windy weather and there is talk of it getting close to HK.

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