By FionaGo


I took the day off work and Iain and I (& Bella, of course) went to Mugdock at lunchtime to meet up with friends. It was a bit overcast, having been much sunnier earlier, but that meant that it wasn't too busy. 
I thought we might have had to leave Bella at home, as she had been sick yesterday and was off her food this morning (a labrador that doesn't want food is pretty unusual). However when she saw me appear in the kitchen in my running gear, she leapt out of bed and danced with excitement. So apart from not eating, she was her normal bouncy self, phew. 

I glanced through the trees as we were walking away from the castle, and thought that the loch was beautifully framed. It didn't look quite so tranquil after the boys got down to the edge and started throwing Bella's ball in for her to fetch...

The extra photo is a close up of a speedwell, such a pretty little flower, and there were lots growing through the grass. 

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