Discussing tactics

This is Christian Thune Jacobson and his youngest son from the Danish Team.  Christian had been a world class curler representing Denmark in the 1980s/ 90s and was one of the many world class curlers taking part in the 40th anniversary competition at Fussen. His three sons joined him in the completion.  Sons number one and two were part of the junior national team and this youngest son, who is 13, is also an up and coming star.  He is about to take over as skip of the team while Christian, playing at second, takes his shots.  They're watching their opponents' stone come into the head and deciding what they will do next.  We were cheering them on as we spent some time in their company over the weekend and found them to be a lovely family.  They came 8th overall in the competition of 26 teams.
The extra blip shows one of the most famous German curlers, Andy Kapp - and yes he does know about the cartoon character. We played against him yesterday and the score was 5-5 going into the 7th end, but we lost 8-5

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