Manuka flower in ice

For Flower Friday.
Last night I set up two different containers, one a glass sundae dish the other a small glass jug, on the bird bath each with a small amount of water and a manuka flower in. This morning nicely iced up I spent a very pleasant hour indoors on the kitchen table by a ranch slider door, photographing them as light became more intense and ice melted. I went back every now and again to change settings, macro lens and see how light affected it.
The manuka in the jug with a small sprig of leaves attached is my main image. The leaves gave a bit more interest.
In editing it became a matter of what is the main interest- the ice or the flower. Extra shows more of the icy look.
The bowls sat there in the sun from 9-11am before completely melting.

The frost must have been exceptional as for the first time in 5 years our safety valve on the solar water heating panel on the roof blew. Its a solid metal piece and the water flows until the pump is turned off.A plumber soon came and a new part is needed. He raised the temperature on the solar controls so that the pump kicks in a little earlier. Shouldn't happen again.

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