Don?t Know Nuffink

By Mrski1

Sleepy Phoebe

Another mad weekend with way too much driving! Today getting to see Phoebe again :) although she was sleepy when I first arrived and then slept for an hour or so before I left, still its always good to see her and she also has the best big dark blue eyes.

I should really add more about my day that the few words I managed last night, started off by driving up to see my daughter, see above, then headed to Edinburgh to meet my brother (Best add a link since he linked me!) where I was ordered to drive a trolley around a freezing cold ASDA, at least I got to powerslide around the aisles though. Once back at the house he tried his best to melt my face off with a rather spicy pasta dish, although I have to admit it was quite nice?..Having seen his latest bikes and discuss a possible idea for the future, it was time to drive the remaining 150 miles back home, I was making good time but had to stop for a break and some coffee, as the tiredness from a busy weekend began to kick in, I got home in enough time to upload to Blip, then head straight to bed.

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