500 blips = time for a self-portrait

This little painting is by my bed, I love the delicate colours and the doily behind the simple IKEA frame. It's part of a series of experiments with resists and Chinese inks.

Behind me is the bedroom window, making a nice self-portrait for what I think is the 500th picture I'm posting. Or it's tomorrow. I'm not great with numbers. And I'm not sure it's significant anyway.... 500 is just a number, right?

But it is an occasion for me to say how delighted I am with the whole idea of blip, and with the people I follow and who follow me. I really really enjoy my time with you every day! It has sharpened my interest in photography after a fairly long absence, and I like "looking for a blip", even in competition with the lovely Keibr sometimes!

I am fascinated to read your journals from around the world, and to see what has caught your eye. I love the mixture of fine, accomplished photographers, and friends more at the "happy snappy" end of the spectrum. I am over that end myself!! I do nothing much with my images, in the way of processing. I choose quite carefully, and crop - but fiddling about is something I have not explored yet.

Perhaps during the next 500 I'll get cracking on that? I think retirement will help. Thank you for looking in, following me, commenting generously, and giving encouragement on photography and life. A heady mix, and one I am now quite addicted to partaking of on a daily basis!

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