Gorgeous Gorgosaurus

Mr PP and I spent all day at the Open Day on Harwell Campus, Oxfordshire. It was formerly the UK Atomic Energy Research Centre, but now it hosts a cornucopia of world-leading research facilities, including the UK Synchrotron AKA The Diamond Light Source, and lots of other scientific stuff to do with energy and environment, space and satellite applications, the Rosetta probe, life sciences and healthcare, medical physics and innovations, advance engineering & materials and big data and super-computing. The Rutherford Appleton Laboratory has a presence there! We attended some highly erudite lectures about matter and anti-matter, dark matter, etc. (which were mostly over the top of my head, but I understood bits, while Mr PP lapped it up and got answers to a lot of his questions). It was fabulous. We went to the ISIS and Neutron resource, which was very impressive. We also enjoyed locally made ice-cream - we and around 16,000 more visitors!

But what have I chosen to blip? This dinosaur - a gorgosaurus, a relation of T-Rex - whose bones are being investigated and analysed by a team of scientists, using facilities available on-site.  

Amusing quote of the day (as we were heading back to the car at the end of the day) - a snatch of conversation:

A Dad (to his son, aged about 13): You have enjoyed scintillating company all day and blagged three ice-creams ...

(I suspect whatever request he was responding to culminated in "No!")

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