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By riversider


Bile Beans Laxative Pills

The most well-known old advertisement, painted in York on a brick wall, is this one.

This ad has been repainted and preserved, the last time in 1986.

It tells us that "Nightly BILE BEANS Keep You HEALTHY BRIGHT EYED & SLIM". I think it's the name of the product that makes it such a memorable advert.

It is obviously from a different time, when you could make such claims about health-related products. If it was painted now it would have to say something like "Bile Beans, as part of a healthy lifestyle, may reduce your cholesterol and decrease your risk of heart disease. It may also help with weight loss as part of a calorie controlled diet" - which doesn't grab the attention quite so effectively, and would need a much bigger wall.

While Bile Beans were initially pitched as a cure for biliousness, the influenza epidemic of 1899 was too good an opportunity to miss. Horrible though the 'flu was, a lot of people would recover after a week or so anyway, and it was an easy matter for quacks to point to cases where the recovery coincided with the taking of their medicine.

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