Edinburgh Chap's Photos

By GilesGuthrie

Off Track (171/366)

Whenever I see this, a slough of depression falls upon me.

What you see here are tram tracks. When (if?) Edinburgh's trams finally start running, they'll come along here.

What used to be here is a guided busway.

A guided busway is essentially a concrete channel. Special horizontal jockey wheels on buses allow them to reach far greater speeds than would be possible on a normal road. Essentially it's a fast track for buses. Trouble is, the scheme was so poorly implemented that the busways were limited to 30mph, and there were 4 stops along its 0.95 mile length.

But that's not the worst thing...

As you can see, the busway has been converted into tram tracks. Nothing wrong with that per say, but the trams aren't here. And with the tram tracks, there are no buses.

No buses, no trams, no point.

Somehow the phrase "monumental screw up" doesn't even come close to describing this unutterable disaster.

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