Tiny Tuesday – Aphid on Hawthorn

Tiny Tuesday already.  This week I happed upon some small, hardly a centimetre across, very young hawthorn leaves just sprouting and very red.  “That’ll do” I thought and seventy odd shots later I finally found one that did, well near enough anyway.
After processing and cropping I found a tiny aphid hidden away in the folds of the green part of the leaf.  Ok – I’ve been photo-bombed by a greenfly!! (Now reduced to the second division in 'extras' along with the other extra photo)

Not to happy with the focus again.  No matter how I stop down the DoF seems to be a lot shallower than I would like, and being outside I suppose I'm getting a bit of movement as well, especially as close as I was.  If I change this blip don't be surprised.

After a number of further frustrating attempts outside I finally brought the leaf-bud in.  After a further number of frustrated attempts I finally realised that inside it was drooping faster than I could shoot it - finally got this one and its mate in 'extras' along with the original - I give up .  .  .

Now to get rid of the flies and aphids before Mrs W notices!!

Apologises to anyone who had already commented.

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