By tepeka

Hoi An

We managed to bust out of the lazy streak of the last couple of days by at least making it into the centre of Hoi An today.

It's a small town in central Vietnam, which formerly would have been known primarily as a fishing village (hence the fishing boats in the pic) but is now a bit of a tourist mecca. I honestly think we saw as many Westerners today as Vietnamese, and that's definitely a first.

Hoi An is also known as the made-to-measure capital of the country. And so we all trotted off to get measured up for some clothes that we don't really need and certainly don't want to carry. In theory, the jackets, shirts and dresses will all be ready tomorrow. Amazing, really. And for a laughably small amount of money compared to what they'd cost at home.

This evening we went to a small roadside restaurant, which did double duty as the owner's home. Which meant that when you needed to go to the toilet, you had to walk through his living room and kitchen. It was basic beyond belief. The food was very tasty, though...

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