Have also posted yesterday's backblip What happened to Summer? ...... do hope you will have a look ...... I promise it is a much prettier entry! :-)

Warning ....... this is going to be a rant!!!!!!!

This was the note left by Hubby this morning!!!!

Overnight some #*%$^ ar**holes undid the bolt on the gate then proceeded to help themselves to 2 of our tomato plants in their pots & also to my Choisya in its tub!!!!! Needless to say I was extremely angry ..... in fact I think I had steam coming out of my ears!!!!!!! Makes you wonder just what the world is coming to! I assume they didn't bother with the rest of the shrubs as they are in much larger & heavier tubs ...... mind you if they had perhaps it would have given them a hernia ...... now there's a lovely thought!!! We make a point of not leaving out anything of value ...... but maybe we need to bolt the plants to the ground!!!!

We have now put a padlock on the gate ..... hopefully that will deter them in future!!!

Rant over!!!!!

Well maybe not quite ....... as the bites on my elbow have now swollen up ....... I look as if I've got 'tennis elbow'!!!! Very painful too!

Rant is really over now!!!!

On the plus side ..... it has not rained today ....... so far anyway!!! :-)

Thanks so much for dropping by :-)

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