happy wedding anniversary

Steven said I really must publish this entry tonight, on the actual day of our anniversary. He knows I often wait and publish my blips the next day, or even the next! So I have put this together tonight especially for him. A larger view of this photo is here.

Today is our 7th wedding anniversary. To celebrate, Steven came up with the idea that we would drive to the east coast of Florida, wake up early the next day (our anniversary) to watch the sunrise together over the Atlantic ocean. After a walk on the beach and breakfast, we'd drive back home ( 3 hours) to the west coast of Florida and later, watch the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico. You cannot do this -watch the sun rise and set over the ocean in any other state in the USA easily- by driving, without breaking laws!

I don't know how many years it has been since either Steven or I had seen the sunrise. It was very beautiful, like a sunset but softer. We of course had to set the alarm in the hotel at Vero Beach because we never get up at 6am unless we are picking up someone at the airport! It was very early for us typical go-to-bed at midnight people, but very worth it. We started our anniversary with a wonderful shared sunrise! Then we walked the beach for almost a mile and went back for a quick nap before breakfast and the drive home!

The sunset on Anna Maria Island, near where we live was gorgeous and fun. We opted to have dinner at the Sandbar restaurant and sit outdoors on the beach. Because it was our anniversary, they gave us a split of champagne and it was easy to stand up and walk to the beach when the sun was setting. The food was delicious too!

I put these 2 photos from today together in photoshop and added the text. Hope you enjoy, we certainly did!

Sunday June 10: vero beach - just for fun!

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