I am camera

By Martinski


Compliance Officers couldn’t believe what they found in a suburban garage in the village of Diddiecomb in Bonkshire. It was a small Japanese car, which to all intents and purposes had been abandoned in a dilapidated wooden garage.

Neighbour Mrs Eunice Aspidistra of Florid Road, had worried for a period of time, that something was wrong.
‘We heard these sounds coming from the garage at night,’ she told me.

‘What kind of sounds?’ I asked.

‘Very plaintive, kind of ‘parp, ‘parp.’ It sounded so forlorn, the poor thing.’

The affected vehicle, which cannot be named for legal reasons, has now been air lifted to a branch of Slack Fit, for its own safety.

‘It is receiving a lot of TLC and a completely new exhaust system,’ said Compliance Officer, Jethro Q Fangshot. ‘Everyone is very relieved at this outcome. However, people should be aware that it is an offence to incarcerate a small car in a garage without proper ventilation, for a period of more than three months.’

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