River Eamont (Part 15)

A popular walk follows the river from the bridge at Eamont Bridge and we will be walking along that track for a while now. However, I could not go any further without trying to capture one of the residents of this bit of the river - Mr Heron. There are probably more, but this is the one seen most often. Blipper Bimbo often blips him; in fact she posted a superb picture of him a couple of days ago.
This afternoon I met up with her, so she could show me where I was most likely to see him. Of course, as is the way, he was nowhere to be seen. Apparently a dog splashing in the water had scared him off just minutes before I arrived. We walked by the river for a while and then we saw him fly over. Eventually we tracked him to a tree and I managed a photo of him. The distance stretched even my long lens, so it's not the finest picture. But it is the heron and just to keep the river focus I have added a picture of him in the trees way above the river.
Two blipmeets in two days - wow!

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