By tepeka


Our final day in Hoi An, and a whirlwind of manicures (for the girls), swimming (for the boys), shopping and clothes fittings (for everyone).

The pic shows me trying on one of my new jackets - clearly not taken by me. The boy child gets the credit for this one, and we're calling the slight softness of the image 'artistic interpretation' rather than being out of focus. In the background, you can see the staff cutting out buttonholes and packing our stuff. And yes, it took four of them...

This evening, we had a poolside dinner in the hotel, and then literally threw off our t-shirts and went for a late swim. A great way to finish up our stay here.

Tomorrow we leave for the madness of Saigon (or Ho Chi Minh City) and its six million scooters. Wish us luck...

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