By deanna_pearce

Coming up Smelling of Roses

KG was still doing his photo shoots and I decided that as this one was all about perfume I would go as well.  It was chemistry based and my knowledge of chemistry is nil.  Before lunch we had to extract our own essences which was interesting and then find out whether they worked best with a mixture of oil and water or vodka.  I extracted rosemary which was OK and cloves which smelt quite good.  After an excellent plougmans lunch  we had to blend our own.  We had difference essential oils given to us and then mixed to our hearts content.  The best one I had was Orange and Rosemary until I spoiled it by adding vanilla.  It was a fun and interesting day but I am not sure how much of it I will remember!!
Interesting fact which is the first man made perfume using synthetic or man made perfume instead of using essential oils?

My blip today is one KG took so not strictly mine 

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