By BrightNBreezy1


My almost new phone shut down and wouldn't switch on again on Wednesday. I'm OK with technology and followed forum advice as well as checking both in the car and with the 'fast charger' that it hadn't run out of battery. With no success I took the phone back to the shop the next day where a young man suggested it may have run out of battery. Predictably the phone started up as soon as he plugged it in! Looking at me in a kindly 'poor old dear' way he suggested it may be my charger.

It wasn't! Two days later the phone has died again...having had over 50% battery left. This 'poor old dear' has her life planned out on that phone! I have no phone numbers written down and have already missed a social event tonight.

 I don't need an online calendar to tell me where I'll be returnjng to tomorrow...!

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