Lum, or flue from turbine room. It's a gas turbine, which is basically a jet engine. Not a big one! But still impressive. And bloody noisy, when it's running. That flue will get very hot when it's run for any length of time.

About fifteen years ago someone decided the lum would look good painted... without consulting the Engineers that run the turbine. It did look good painted... until the turbine was fired up. I recall watching from my workshop, as the paint gradually changed colour from the bottom to the top, and then began fuming. Obviously they hadn't thought to use heat resistant paint. After it had been singed frequently, and sufficiently, it seemed to stabilise, and lasted until last year, when repairs and this new coat was applied. It won't have much more testing now, as it's not going to be operated in the new campus. That's quite sad... except for those that've been in a classroom anywhere near it operating!

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