The joining-in dance

Another day that didn't go as planned!

By yesterday evening, my left arm was swollen and I couldn't straighten it and, last night, was quite painful. So this morning MrM drove me down to Alnwick Infirmary to get it checked out. X-rays revealed a radial-head (elbow) fracture. Definitely not good, but not as bad as it could have been and, thank goodness, doesn't need a plaster cast. Just a sling for a week or two.

Means that I won't be Morris dancing for at least a month, though, so no dancing for me at Glendale Festival this afternoon. We arrived home just in time for MrM to go out and play with the band. I took the camera and went down to watch and take a few photos, only to come back to the flat almost immediately with Pauline, one of the dancers, who had torn a calf muscle. Ice and elevation... poor Pauline probably won't be dancing again for few weeks either. Managed to take a few shots through the open window of the flat - members of the audience were joining in with a dance called Greenham in the blip.

Nice social gathering at the flat after the dancing - everyone rallied round to help with making drinks etc.

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