Seldom Seen Kid

By JM1990

Day 4. Good Morning by Kanye West

Day 4 and a very early start, up at 5am for work at 6. Today's song is Good Morning by Kanye West and it certainly is a good morning. Decent weather and I just generally feel in a good mood! What a change for a Monday!

Making up the country and town paper rounds before the onslaught begins after 7am with workers and old buggers who still get up at silly o'clock despite the fact they've been retired for 10-15 years!

This song reminds me so much of a holiday I had in Florida back in 2007. I bought this album out there and, for the whole 2 weeks, played nothing but this as we were cruising around Cape Coral, Naples, Englewood and Orlando. It is, without doubt, the greatest album I have ever bought and also holds such happy memories. Kanye is also probably my favourite individual artist as I have all of his albums but this one is without doubt my favourite! Enjoy!

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