... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Mr. Goosle: Wild Washing

Making more of a splash in large.

I arrived at the pond to find Mr. having an epic washing and preening session. He splashed and dived, then pulled on his feathers and straightened them, before splashing some more... Eventually, he flapped his wings several times to dry them, before mooching in the sun to dry further. It was an impressive display, and my photographs spanned 20 minutes!
The goslings were well, and snoozed with Mrs. while Mr. was washing, before taking to the water to join him afterwards.

I've uploaded other photographs (mostly of Mr.) to Flickr (right from here):
Mr. highlights: 
Straightening a feather
Removing a loose feather
Flapping dry: landscape and portrait
Gosling highlights: 
Dabbing together
Just floatin'
Looking alert

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