By MrsPuff

He Said Whaaat?!

Here's Sweetpea, displaying shock and awe at Paul Henry, on his show this morning. Paul Henry's a controversial figure, having put his foot in his mouth on rather a few too many occasions with his sometimes outrageous comments. You either love him or hate him - I think he's fabulous, personally.

There's a lot of noise going on outside our house this week, with major road works happening. It's set to continue for a few more weeks, I'm told.

I haven't been doing too much photography lately, well not on a daily basis anyway. I've been using my phone a lot; I find it's handy when I quickly want to snap something - like Sweetpea. And while a phone camera doesn't always produce the best quality photo, it does capture a spontaneous moment, as I always have it with me, unlike my camera.

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