My Year in Pictures

By jenny

Better than a gym! *

Nine weeks ago tomorrow I got my first bike in over twenty years and nine weeks ago on Saturday I did my first ride on it.

Have had loads of fun the last nine weeks and have found my confidence building loads - despite a couple of tumbles!

So this morning I plucked up the courage and did an off road route on my own that James and I did on Monday - good golly it certainly worked me hard! 

2 minutes steep climb out of village on tarmac.
8 minutes on undulating farm tracks with a few rough bits.
2 minutes scary downhill with lots of rubble.
8 minutes brutal (seriously brutal!) uphill with even more rubble.
10 minutes undulating tarmac.
20 minutes long slow climb on sandy & gritty farm track and grassy paths.
5 minutes killer crossing of ploughed field - thank god for sports bras ;-)
4 minutes undulating tarmac.
and in the final minute, the joy of the return downhill!

And I managed to take 30 seconds off our time from Monday!

And of course the hair always looks quite delightful once the helmet comes off!

* Other than this gym of course!

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