DerelictThursday - a wee hoose

I have blipped this wee house before for DerelictThursday but I reckoned it deserved another shot now that the garden is in full bloom!

Today I had Maly back to the vet for his check up after his dental work last week. She was pleased with his mouth but he's to continue taking his antibiotic for another few days. He was also X rayed at the time and I was shown the images. He appears to have arthritis at the bottom of his spine and also in both hips.

If only I could work out a way to get him to take the Easeflex chews that contain glucosamine, chondroiton, fish oil etc, as he is not fond of them at all. They would be better for him than constantly being on anti inflammatories long term but only if I can find a way to disguise them in food.

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