Harry Potter and the Blue Bear and grey monkey

No, it's not another J K Rowling book, just couldn't think of another way to get all of the items into the title.
Daniel and Joanne both at work today so Dhylan and Lennon are with us until this evening.
Lennon has a love of books grown from spending so much time with 'Granny' (Marlane) when he was younger. Discovered 'Beast Quest' books and mythology and is now deeply into Harry Potter.
Watching the 'Philosophers Stone' before starting to read the books he brought around.
Little reminders that he has only just turned 8 last may are the little bear and monkey soft toys!
Last assessment, a few months ago, gave him a reading age of 10.5 years which is brilliant. Books are the greatest source of enjoyment either learning or for stories so we are really pleased he revels in it so much.

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