Gin Gin Brooke

We love our Winter days after the rain stops, just to get outdoors and smell the trees, we walked through a little "mini" tropical rainforest in the centre of GinGin, a small country town we visit many times, (extra blips show the boardwalk we walked across through the swampy bushland) which is in the centre of the town, this area is full of paperbark trees (Melaleuca quinquenervia,) their trunks hold water which make the bark on these trees very soft eventually it peels and falls, the stripped bark makes very good hanging basket linings, there are a few other native plants, Shrubs Ferns and other trees in this little pocket, we could hear the frogs they were enjoying the dampness amongst the logs under the water we didn't see any they are well concealed. 
A lovely walk on a Winters day, a perfect day..

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