Houston we haff a problem

The Hebridean Space Program Ran into difficulties when it was discovered due to the weight of it, its payload could only be a single bottle of Talisker.

This is Saint Columba's Presbyterian Church on Canna, it was built in 1913 in the Irish Style and has a very nice ornamental wrought-iron gate. Rarely used nowadays, it is called the 'rocket church'. Can't think why.
This day we set of to sail up the west of Skye to Neist Point then back southward to overnight in Canna. That morning the coast guard warned of a Dead Whale off the coast of Skye that could be a hazard to small craft. We did actually come across it and it turned out to be a Dead Basking Shark. No Idea how it died as it was pretty much intact and had no marks that would suggest a preditor or a ships prop..
We arrived in Canna that eveningand the Girls went for a walk on the cliffs and spotted a large pod of about 30 Common Dolphins while the Skipper and I were in the Gille Brighde checking out the local beers

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