South Swell, Waikiki

Weatherman tells us that this high surf was generated from a storm downunder off the South Island of New Zealand.   This shows a pier jutting into the ocean off Waikiki Beach.  Energy was high!  The glare is hard to bear.

First, looking left off the pier in Waikiki
Second,  waves at Sandy Beach, and
Third, a merman in the clear section gives an idea of the size of the wave

At Sandy Beach, the tide seemed out, so the waves broke on a very steep part of the beach.  The waves were fortified by the backwash recoiling outward into the oncoming wave, producing some spectacular "explosions".   A helicopter was still searching for a missing swimmer swept off a ledge yesterday near the blowhole.  One body has been found, one still missing.  These waves have come a long way across the ocean and I find them scary.  I'm content to just watch.

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