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....................................................Weather was lousy today. I was hoping for a break in the rain but not much chance. I decided to pick a few things in the garden. It seems that I have 4 different types of roses. I always think or say that they are too much work and problems with spraying etc, but if you choose carefully you can get those that don't trouble you much and even if you had some trouble and you want them.............go for it.

My quest tonight is to give you the choice of the four roses I have in my garden and see which you might choose and why .........OR why you cant be bothered to answer the question and aren't bothered anyway.  I have 29 extra photos waiting to be used and I think I can keep this open so I will post the choice of the extra three in the extra photos. Please remember to be as open as possible and give your opinion. It will be appreciated this end. I'm not bothered about stars or favs but again I wont turn them down, not that I expect any.

So you have read this so far..... I post my main picture and give you some information to help you choose. Don't choose on the visible alone. 
Information that I know from experience and fact........Please correct if you think differently

1.Rosa Rugosa   (the blip)
Bushy, produces lovely and seriously perfumed roses and great red hips in the winter (although mine have not been so good but a soggy mess) flowers only once unless other factors come in to place. Needs to be kept under control from the beginning or it will be heavy and fall forward. Disease Resistant. Not much to look at for the rest of the year unless you enjoy the huge red hips in winter before the birds eat them.

2. May Gold...........A climber. Mine is flowering like there is no tomorrow and the roses are beautiful and very Fragrant. It has hellish thorns that will rip your skin and it does need pruning. Not totally disease resistant but you probably could leave it with out spraying, which I do. It flowers profusely in Scotland from May to end of July and then again in August somewhat. It might go faster in England due to the warmth. I'm just guessing here. It done really well this year here.

No 3 Rosa Port Sunlight. This is a new one that I've just bought from Austin Roses. Will grow to 5 feet, which was what I wanted and also because it had pretty orangey yellow blooms and a strong tea scent, which it certainly doesn't have ( thats the 2nd time I've not agreed with the described  allusion to scent in roses by plantsmen and there is nothing wrong with my nose's ability to smell as far as I know. (must go for a hearing test though ( I have no idea what Mr AF is saying half of the time) It looks very disease resistant though but the blooms are a right mess after it rains and in this its first year they fall down with the weight of the rain.

4. Ballerina type Rambler ( see yesterday)
Disease resistant, many blooms in bunches, reliable ( will grow again even if you cut it to the ground) very thorny branches, has to be properly pruned. ie cut out old stems of long growth and tie in the new growth for next year, Very scented, lightly but a lot of it as many blooms, can be made into a shape you like. Versatile.

Choose your fav. Looking forward to a good result.............. Bet you cant be bothered

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