Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Tiny Dancer

I was all set to take the macro lens out again today and submit something for TinyTuesday, but the hummingbirds stole my heart right away and I quickly new that it would be a hummie-day.  As usual, I took far too many photos ... most of them not worth keeping.  But this one ... well, I like it.  I think it captures a small measure of the size, speed and dexterity of the tiny flyers.

Three other hummer shots on Flickr, if you can't get enough ... click HERE

Hubs and I enjoyed our first Blue Apron meal last night!  I like that all of the ingredients are fresh, nothing frozen or processed.  It took me about 30 minutes to prep and cook the meal, so that was nice.  And it was delicious!  Doing another one tonight - Cod with miso soba noodles and vegetables.  

Got some exciting news via email today - apparently one of the two entries I put in the NJ State Fair took a first place in the Bird category!  I won't know which one until Hubs and I go to the reception on Thursday night, but I'm very chuffed to have taken top honors in that group!  Yay, me!

It's been a hot day - temps are currently 90 with not a cloud to be seen.  The only saving grace is that the humidity isn't too bad.  Still, one can work up a significant sweat even in the shade.  A good day to stay close to home.  

More butterflies showing up in the garden now - mostly swallowtails and the odd fritillary.  All the buddleia is in full bloom as are the phlox and cosmos.  Some of the orange milkweed is budding up and the lobelia and zinnias are starting to bloom.  All is well in the garden...

Over and out...


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