Getting the low down for wid wed

This was a case of you should have been here yesterday.
Yesterday on my walk there was a low fog across the maize field as the sun hit it but no camera. It only lasted for about 10minutes. Right, I thought. There's my wid wed low down shot.
Not to be, as this morning the sun was late hanging behind a cloud bank, there had been no overnight rain, instead there was a light frost. I discovered this when I knelt down on the grass and it crunched.
So we have the maize field minus the fog but definitely from low down.
I took many other things in my travels and had great trouble deciding which so a couple of extras.
There was a spring feeling in the air though and this afternoon I started to scrub the wooden fence which was very green where the trees had been cut down.
This morning was Senior Net to hear about Windows 10 which was released today. The advice is to wait a month or two until any bugs are ironed out then it will be as good as AppleMac. We shall see.

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