The Old Slaughterhouse

Today I visited The Old Slaughterhouse which is an "arts and heritage hub" in the centre of Stratford-on-Avon. 
The slaughterhouse is a Grade 11 listed building situated between Bridge Street and Sheep Street in the centre of the town and was recently renovated and opened to the public.
The front of the butcher's shop that it belonged to was in Bridge Street which is a main thoroughfare in the town, and is now full of gift shops, tea shops and multiple chain stores. 
I used to go into the butcher's shop often as a child and can remember it well.
The reason that I was there today was that the people who run it are trying to piece together a history of the town's shops and buildings, and so I along with my brother and another couple of chaps, had been asked to help by naming all of the old places that we could remember in the town centre. It was a very interesting exercise and got the old brain cells working.
The hooks that you can see were the original hooks that were used to hang the carcases on., and the quote on the wall was from one of the butchers who worked there in the 1940's to the '60's. Paul Robeson played Othello at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre  (now the Royal Shakespeare Theatre)  in 1959. 
My extra is a cricket match that was being played when I walked past the pitch on my way back to the car. A quintessential English scene. 

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