Dutch Drop

It's so normal for us Dutch to eat 'Drop' candy that I almost forgot it's so typical Dutch that I have to mention it in my Holland Promotion journal.

So what's Drop?

It's better known as licorice sweets around the world and is made of the roots of the liquorice plant and has a deep black color (a disaster to light properly for a photo).
In most countries its found in black jellybeans (USA) or in Liquorice Allsorts (United Kingdom, called 'English Drop' in Dutch) and has a sweet sugar taste. 
In Nordic countries like Sweden has a slight soapy taste, but only in Holland it tastes... 


Thats due to the fact that we add ammonium chloride instead of sodium chloride. The essential ingredients of liquorice candy are liquorice extract, sugar, and a binder. The binder is typically starch/flour, arabic gum or geletin and Beeswax for a shiny surface.

The ingredients for this shot are 9 coin shaped 'dropjes', a sandpapered metallic dish and three led torches. There's a color photo in the extras ;-))

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