This is Gary, the grasshopper.  He's been hanging out in our bathroom for the last few days, and I've been starting to worry that he might be getting a bit hungry, so I earmarked today as GL Day (Gary Liberation Day).  I probably should have liberated him a bit sooner but I selfishly wanted to do it when I had time to take a few photos, too.  I was trying to release him onto our petunias, but he was somewhat reluctant to leave the glass.  He did go eventually, and is now living out in our window box :)

Had a good Saturday.  Tim went off on a training walk for the night marathon he's doing in September, and I finally got round to cleaning my bike while he was gone.  I was amazed to see him returning just two hours later, having powered through a 9-mile walk.  Good going!  I booked us a hotel today for that night so I can go along and see him off at the start (I was thinking I could be at the finish line for him, too, but not sure now if he's going to walk that bloody fast -  how will I get a full night's sleep in between?!)  ;)

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