The Blackcountry Man

By brickmaker

The Gang's all Here.....

Even me and I took the image so I just had to add my self at a later time, even though I was well three sheets to the wind, as you can tell by the stupid grin on my face, (nice Red Wine though).

This morning we took Miss Maddi to the seaside which was crowded with holiday makers and then we had a text fro Sue and Mick to pop round for a BBQ at 4:00pm, so we did.
The BBQ lighting did not go well at the star so a quick re assemble of the coals and more lighter fluid and away we went.
Me on the other hand was being plied with Red wine, have I mentioned Red wine before, oh yes I did.
Any how once the food was cooked we proceeded to scoff the lot, except I can only handle a small amount anymore so I stuck to the Red wine, did I mention the .... ahh yes I did.

Miss Maddi had a great time in the paddling pool with Tia and Henry, cooling down quite nicely, while I had the occasional glass of, you guessed it Red Wine.

After a while Mrs BM thought I had had enough and poured me into the car and home to the caravan and sleep.

Didn't know Red Wine had the effect as a sleeping draft.

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