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You can tell its time for a summer holiday when you go out to buy some new wellies. I had the joy of a lone shopping trip today but as time was limited I took the motor. Usually I would walk or bus. After a mooch around looking at different stuff I headed to the shop, that I had a credit note that someone gave me, for some wellies. After strutting about all around the shop in lots of different pairs I settled for some nice green ones (surprise). The credit note was not quite enough so had to contribute 1 pence.

I picked up a few other bits and bobs for hanging pictures and then headed back to the car. When I found the ticket machine and put in my ticket I had been there for two hours and two minutes. £4.50 for three hours parking! Unbelievable, they should have washed it for that, the cheeky money grabbing NCPers. I mean I could have bought four hundred and fifty pairs of wellies for that, well sort of anyway.

After lunch I calmed down and showed of my boots to the family. Then Wife and Girl headed out to see the farm visiting her nursery whilst Boy and I headed out to check out a used buggy board down the road. Not only was it used but it was also faulty so we bought a fishing net instead.

Girl was very excited when we all met up. She had seen a horse some pigs, a sheep, some chickens, a goat, some rabbits and a guinea pig and those are only the ones I remember being told about. She fed some milk to the lamb which was very exciting. The excitement didn't finish there as our quest for a new buggy board (to replace the one I broke hit success at the green department store, that had the mini ones in stock and were super cheap (mildly making up for the earlier tax to the parking overloards).

After some celebratory scones I fitted the board on the shop floor and with improved mobility we headed for home.

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